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Our Vision

About Defi-Knightly Gems and Jewellery

Our aim is to bridge the gap between those offering gemstone jewellery and those selling crystals and minerals.

We wish to provide a quality service with a helpful and friendly attitude. Our desire is to transform the way people perceive and experience crystals, appreciating the distinction between those crystals that hold energy and those that don’t. We hope to inspire people with the potential crystals have in enhancing our lives, providing healing and bringing beauty into the lives of as many people as possible.

As natural crystals increase in popularity, with the larger pieces favoured for interiors and smaller pieces for their healing properties, we will hand select all crystals and minerals looking for the unusual as well as the more abundant specimens. Some are aesthetically beautiful, some less so, but all have been individually selected for the energy they hold. We wish maintain a perfect balance between offering metaphysical information and allowing our customers to enjoy a beautiful piece of nature.

We take great pleasure from designing & making our own range of jewellery. Often some crystals are rarely made into jewellery, just because it may not have the look of beauty that some other Crystals have, it does not mean it is any less valuable.

Our designs are made from the finest quality natural crystals and gemstone beads, picked exclusively for their beauty and source of abundant energy. Whatever your choice they will be unique and stylish, whilst bringing you the beauty and energy benefits of the crystals themselves.

All our designs are limited and can all be adapted to your needs, we are more than happy to work with you to create something that is totally unique be it for a special occasion, a gift for someone special or even for healing purposes.